Rieng bar,Restaurant Bia Shop & El Camino Tacos

Bia Shop & El Camino Tacos

Is there a better combo than craft beer and tacos? As odd as it might sound, RIENG believes we’ve found a humble corner in District 7 that’ll settle those pesky cravings. Trust me, I know a lot about both beer and Mexican food

Bia Shop in District 7 has a nice selection of beers, including plenty of hard to find imports in bottles and on draft.

There is outdoor seating available as well, but what makes this place especially good is the fact that they have El Camino right next door. You can hang out for a few beers and get some tacos or a burrito as well. You can be sure that the salsas are made with some nice flavors in addition to the heat of the chile.

If you want to get some interesting beers you can’t find easily, Bia shop is a great place in district 7. It is a nice spot to get dinner and drinks, or just drop in on the way home.

Tacos and beers is a great thing to do in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tacos and beers is a great thing to do in District 7

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