Rieng bar Lost & Found
Tyler from Lost & Found making a beer cocktail. Bars are a great place to go when traveling in Vietnam.

Lost & Found

Tyler from Lost & Found has always dreamed of combining his love of craft beer with his passion for cocktails ever since his days as Soma Saigon’s General Manager. Combining more than a decade of experience behind the counter, alcoholic beverage know-how, along with heartfelt advice from close friend Logan Hester, who also happens to be one of the most prolific expat chefs in Saigon, Tyler believes he has finally perfected the balance and mouthfeel of craft beer-based cocktails; reputedly some of the hardest to pull off in the flamboyant world of mixology.

If you hear about a beer cocktail event, be sure to go. There are a lot of amazing flavors available in both cocktails and beer. It provides a unique flavor you just can’t get anywhere else.

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