Side Projects

Jhett pouring a Steersman Brewery Flying Bees ale in Saigon, Vietnam
Jhett pouring a Steersman Brewery Flying Bees honey ale

Another of the founders, Jhett manages several websites and businesses. He has worked a lot of positions, and used to use the site as a way to promote his translation and private chef services. Leaving those fields, the page is now focused on beer and fermentation related content.

His main business currently is Farmers Chile Market, which is open from August to the end of October every year during the New Mexico chile season. Chilies are a very big deal in New Mexico, and the whole state and even nearby states go wild for the taste of roasted chile during the season. Two other pages Jhett runs are ABQ Spice, a packaged spice company that will launch in the Fall of 2022, and Albuquerque Chile, a blog focused on green chile dishes based in Albuquerque, but covering places in New Mexico traveled to while visiting farmers and producers of various New Mexican products.

In Vietnam, he often teaches brewing classes in English or Chinese, and blogs about food and beer with Rieng and other publications.