a rice lager beer at a ska concert in district 7 Ho chi minh city

Hem Hem – Japanese Ska in Saigon

Hem Hem Saigon parties are a good time. They had a show last week celebrating the Ippudo Vietnam bar opening in Phu My Hung, D7 Saigon.

Ippudo has always had a special place in my heart, because it was the first good Japanese ramen I had in Taiwan.

I first lived there 9 years ago, and at the time, most ramen shops were basically just instant noodles with toppings.

The amount of quality places now is a lot better, but Ippudo was my go to for ramen when I lived in Taipei. It’s in one of the Japanese areas of the city, so there are lots of restaurants and izakayas, but I usually came for ramen, then went to a nearby Japanese karaoke place.

Ippudo bar is an interesting concept, as it is a ramen chain hailing from Fukuoka. Very few bars of this brand exist, and while there isn’t a huge beer list, they do have some unique beers, as they serve the Pizza 4P’s collab beers, which is the building over.

According to the guitarist, it felt like a ramen place in Hawaii.

I wouldn’t disagree with this statement. It is right next to a pool, and has wide walking areas that feel open and relaxed.

It kinda does have a feeling like you are at a resort after the sun goes down.

I had No Rice No Life, a collab beer made with Pasteur Street Brewing Company, more Sapporo, and a good time.

I didn’t end up eating ramen that night, because I hardly sat down. The performance really makes you want to stay on your feet and boogie.

I made up for that later by getting a bowl in District 1 😉

Check out my review of the beer!

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